How to Find Your Vitamin C Optimal Dose

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, our immune health has been top of mind, and rightly so! It’s well known that Vitamin C can help boost your immune system, but how much do you need? This depends on your level of stress: physical stress, emotional stress, and chemical stress –because stressors use up our Vitamin C, depleting the supply for our immune system. No need to make elaborate calculations, this simple at home experiment can help you find the dose that is right for you at this time!

  1. Find a day in your schedule with no social obligations, where you will be able to stay close to home.
  2. Starting in the morning, take 1000mg of vitamin C per hour, and stop when you get diarrhea or you get really gassy —this means you’ve reached bowel tolerance. 
  3. Tally the total amount of vitamin C that you had consumed to reach bowel tolerance. 
  4. Minus 1000mg from this total. This is your daily vitamin C optimal dose. 
  5. Going forward, divide your optimal dose into  2 or 3 doses throughout the day. 

    Example: If it took 10 000mg to reach bowel tolerance:

    10 000mg – 1000mg = 9000mg

    9000mg/3 = 3000mg of vitamin C

    Optimal dose = 3000mg, 3x/day.  

No fancy versions of vitamin C required. Calcium ascorbate from your local nutrition store should work just fine.  Your optimal dose will change as your stress levels change. If you find yourself with higher physical and emotional demands, it may go up. When life is easy and you don’t have a care in the world, it may go down. If it goes down, your body will let you know by ringing the “bowel tolerance” bell. If it goes up, you may not know, so it’s best to repeat this experiment every few months, or when your life situation changes. 

Food sources of Vitamin C

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It’s very difficult to reach an optimal dose of vitamin C through foods alone, but it’s still great to get as much C as we can from foods because it comes in natures packaging, along with all the cofactors necessary for our body to use it optimally. The following foods are very nutritious and good sources of vitamin C, especially when consumed raw:

Camu Camu powder


Brussels sprouts



Sweet potatoes


Citrus fruits






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