I’d like to share with you a little about me, the story about how I got here, and why I am so passionate about helping you Thrive.

Ever since I can remember, I have leaned toward natural health and nutrition, and I credit my German grandparents with instilling a budding interest in taking care of my body and soul. Some of my most early and cherished memories include ‘running’ the boulevard with my Opa, as well as helping my Oma tend her garden and make homemade sauerkraut. I carry these special memories close to my heart, and I hope to instil the same values in my child(ren) and future grandchildren. 

Throughout my life, I had almost always eaten, supplemented and exercised according to the latest version of healthy that was available to me. I was the one preaching to my friends and family about eating well and working out, scheduling yoga dates instead of coffee dates, offering digestive enzymes at the dinner table, and even giving supplements as Christmas gifts! Looking back, I wonder just how it took me so long to turn this obsession into a job!

When it came time to choose a career path after receiving my bachelor’s degree, found myself taking a (stressful) job at an optical store, eventually studying to become a Licensed Optician. During that time, despite doing what I thought was my best in terms of diet and nutrition, I developed some bothersome health complaints. I didn’t have a good feeling about the meds that I was prescribed by my doctor, so I started on my own alternative health journey, seeking the best nutrition and alternative therapies that I could afford. I did okay on my own for a while. Despite diet and lifestyle changes, as well as taking just about every supplement known to man, other symptoms eventually popped up and a general feeling of being unwell went unresolved.  A friend told me about a live blood microscopist who was coming to town for one weekend to take appointments. Live blood microscopists were rare in our area, so I jumped at the opportunity.

The live evidence that microscopy provided in real time was both shocking and motivating. I was given some nutritional suggestions by the microscopist and sent on my way. Even though another alternative health practitioner had already told me the same information about my health before, seeing it in front of me made it real! Inspired by this new evidence found in my own blood, I followed the advice of the microscopist, and I showed significant progress at my next visit!

When I finally listened to that little voice that was telling me that working as an Optician just wasn’t fulfilling my need to help others Thrive to the best of my abilities, I looked to the wellness industry for a change. My positive experience with live blood inspired me to pursue training in live blood microscopy & holistic nutrition, and to start sharing my passion for natural health with others. I took a bit of a winding road to get here, but I believe God intended me to take the scenic route for the benefit of all parties involved –that means you too!

Now, I am in a field that I am truly passionate about and I can’t get enough of it! I am continually updating my education in the field of nutrition and alternative therapies in order to offer you the best care possible. I am fulfilled by keeping myself, my family, and my clients healthy and motivated.  As someone who has been there, I truly believe that it is my calling in life to pass on this wisdom, and I feel so very honoured to be able to guide you as you take charge of your health!

Thank you for reading. I look forward to sharing my passion with you and your loved ones!

Yours in health,

Carly Del Ciancio

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