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What is live blood microscopy?

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Live blood microscopy is nutritional assessment and consultation tool can shed light on the root cause of your symptoms. During your appointment, a drop of blood from your finger is placed on a slide and viewed under a dark field microscope at over 1000x magnification. The image is shown to you in real time on a laptop screen, and can reveal over 50 aspects of your state of health. .

For instance, live blood microscopy can demonstrate:

-The condition of red blood cells

-The presence of parasites, fungus or bacteria

-Hormonal imbalances

-Vitamin and mineral deficiencies

-Immune system function

-Organ stress...

...and much, much more!


Testimonials from happy, healthy clients

  • Professional. Educated. Caring. Proactive! Huge gratitude to Carly from Thrive Live Blood Microscopy for educating me, and for providing such a professional and intriguing analysis of my live and dry blood to help me be as healthy & energized as possible. Carly LOVES helping people, and highly suggest seeing her to try this amazing service now available to help anyone gain clear clues into their health challenges & goals. Thx so much Carly!!

    K. V. Kingsville, ON
  • This is such an interesting service that enables you to see your cells under microscope. I am beginning to see results from Carly’s guidance. Everyone should try this!

    T. W. Kingsville
  • Very impressive and I will be setting my son up for an appointment..highly recommend this to anyone who cares about their health :)

    J. J. Leamington

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