COVID-19 Updates: Thrive is here for you, from a distance.

Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, no in person consultations are being booked at this time. SUPPLEMENTS: It's never been more important to keep up on your wellness regimen, and Thrive is here for you. Porch pick up or drop off is available for the product that is remaining in stock, as well as other options. VIRTUAL CONSULTATIONS: While live blood is not possible to do virtually, the Nutribody Assessment is an extensive copyrighted, comprehensive analysis of health history, lifestyle, and symptoms, which can offer insights similar to live blood, and is sometimes even more accurate and specific than live blood.

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Why do I feel unwell?

As a healthy living person, you’ve found that getting back to feeling as good as you once did has been more challenging than you thought.

You started making changes to feel better. You bought natural cleaning products. You searched the internet for ideas. The clerk at the health store told you that fish oil is a cure-all. Keto worked for a friend, so you gave it a shot.

You want take care of you so you can be a great example for your kids and show up as the best version of you for your family. But after making some changes, you’re not where you thought you’d be.

You’ve been spending too much money and time on supplements and diet changes that don't stick because you’re not sure they are working. Goals that once inspired you have fallen by the wayside and your vision is clouded with disappointment and doubt. It’s getting harder to stay on track. Are you doing the right thing for your body? Is this what it takes to feel good? Can you actually sustain this?

You’re unwilling to let your health slip away and are ready to take a step back, gain clarity, and put your best foot forward. It’s time to cut the noise, and dig into the root cause of why you feel unwell. You need some evidence, some objectivity, accountability, and support to make it happen.

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Testimonials from happy, healthy clients

  • Professional. Educated. Caring. Proactive! Huge gratitude to Carly from Thrive Live Blood Microscopy for educating me, and for providing such a professional and intriguing analysis of my live and dry blood to help me be as healthy & energized as possible. Carly LOVES helping people, and highly suggest seeing her to try this amazing service now available to help anyone gain clear clues into their health challenges & goals. Thx so much Carly!!

    K. V. Kingsville, ON
  • This is such an interesting service that enables you to see your cells under microscope. I am beginning to see results from Carly’s guidance. Everyone should try this!

    T. W. Kingsville
  • Very impressive and I will be setting my son up for an appointment..highly recommend this to anyone who cares about their health :)

    J. J. Leamington

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