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Thrive Live Blood FAQ’s

FAQ: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: We accept Interac/Debit tap, all major credit cards, and cash.

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FAQ: Are your services covered by my health insurance?

A: Possibly! Some Thrive services are covered by certain extended health insurance policies. You can learn more about insurance coverage here. 

FAQ: Are your services covered by OHIP?

No, none of our services are covered by OHIP.

FAQ: How long will my appointment take?

A: First Live Blood Microscopy appointments usually take about 60-90 minutes, and follow up appointments are 45-60 minutes. Ionic Foot Detox Bath appointments are 30-45 minutes.

FAQ: What kind of preparation do I need to do for my appointment?

A: For the most accurate outcome, fasting for 3 hours and drinking 3 glasses of water is recommended before each live blood appointment.

For first time Ionic Foot Detox Bath and all Live Blood Microscopy appointments, a preparation form will be emailed to you before your appointment. Please fill this out before you come in.

For Ion Cleanse, no fasting is necessary, but it is recommended that you hydrate before, during, and after the treatment.

FAQ: Can you tell if I have a disease?

A: Live blood microscopy cannot be relied on to tell if any disease is present. For a diagnosis, please consult your Physician.

FAQ: How is my blood drawn?

A: A small, single use lancet, similar to the ones that diabetics use to take their blood sugar, is used to draw a drop of blood from the end of your finger.

FAQ: Does it hurt?

A: Everyone experiences pain differently. The anticipation of any pain in this situation is usually worse than the reality of it. Most people describe the procedure as feeling slightly more intense than a mosquito bite.

FAQ: Is your office a clean environment? Is sterile equipment used?

A: Yes. Thrive Live Blood operates in accordance with OSHA standards. A fresh, sterile lancet is used for every client, at every appointment. Tools or supplies that come into contact with any client are properly disposed of. Disinfection procedures to prevent cross contamination are strictly adhered to. A dedicated receptacle is used for all medical waste.

FAQ: When do I get my results?

A: We will look at your blood together during your appointment. A nutritional assessment will be made, and you will be given any recommendations before the end of the appointment.

FAQ: How often should I have an appointment?

A: Follow up appointments used to track changes, and are based on estimations of how long we expect to see changes in the blood, on the agreed nutritional program.

FAQ: May I bring my friend or spouse to my appointment?

A: Yes! We encourage you to bring close friends or family to your appointment. It’s very helpful for your loved one(s) understand your health picture so they can be better able to support your choices on your journey to health.

FAQ: Can I book an appointment for my child?

A: Yes! Thrive Live Blood is family friendly. We take clients as young as 3 months old, using their big toe for a sample until they are old enough to have blood drawn from their finger.

FAQ: How is this different than blood tests ordered by my Doctor?

Both conventional blood labs and live blood microscopy are valuable assessment tools, with different strengths and applications.

Conventional Blood Labs:

  • Are important and valuable assessments for health and disease.
  • When your blood is taken at a lab, it is usually dead by the time it is analysed.
  • At a lab, your blood is subjected to dyes and chemicals, and individual components are counted, eg. the number of red blood cells, white blood cells, etc.
  • Results come back as numbers on a page.
  • Blood labs can be used by Doctors to diagnose conditions.

Live Blood Microscopy:

  • Because your blood is alive, you can view the shape, size, and other qualities of components of your blood that are related to your health. 
  • Example: the movement and vitality of white blood cells; the size of platelets; the quality of the plasma.
  • Live Blood Microscopy is used as a nutritional assessment, not to diagnose conditions.

FAQ: Do you have an office in Windsor?

A: Thrive occasionally operates “Pop Up Locations” at wellness oriented businesses throughout Essex County, including Windsor, Tecumseh, Leamington, and more! Please contact us if you would like to schedule a Pop Up at your home or place of business!