Lost Your Motivation? 3 Ways to Find it Again.

1. Do ONE small thing

The temptation to do it all 1000% right now is so real! Small changes, however, will serve you better in the long run.

Drink a *little* more water than usual OR switch to a *healthier* coffee OR make *one* healthy meal. The “all or nothing” mentality is common but it sets us up for failure.  Extreme resolutions can be hard to live up to when reality hits, so go easy on yourself and build up confidence with small wins. 

Your body’s ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe 

2. Know Thyself 

If you are goal oriented, get information on your baseline right now –not when you’re on your top game, but right now– and resolve to see improvements on the next assessment. One way to do this is with live blood analysis. Depending on your concerns, you can get even more helpful info on where you are *right now* with hair mineral analysis for heavy metals, hair cortisol analysis, Omega 3 blood analysis, or even IgG food sensitivity testing. 

3. Say NO.

In order to say YES to the things that we do want for ourselves, we need to make room by saying NO. 

Personally, after falling into the following nightly habit, I had to say No to indulging in my favourite show after I put my son to bed. Let me tell you, it made room for SO much more! I have more energy because I am sleeping better without the hit of blue light before bed, I am snacking less because I am not tempted by boredom, I am learning more, I have more time do all the self care things that I recommend to you! This is just a small example of how saying NO can make room for so much! Win win win! 

What habits, situations, or patterns are getting in the way of your best health?

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-Carly Erber, NNCP