Holiday Party Survival Guide, Essex County Edition

You’ve finally got it figured out. You’re following your wellness plan, your meal prep game is on pointe, cravings are in check, then BAM! It’s time for Christmas parties. The holidays can be a time where healthy routines are threatened. Parties and family gatherings pose the biggest challenge for many of us trying to be good to our bodies. Follow the tips below and increase your chances of success this season.

1. Eat a balanced snack before you head out.

Munch on something satisfying with a balance of protein, carbs and fats such as hummus and veggies, an apple with almond butter, or Fred’s Farm Fresh home made guac with whole grain crackers

2. Bring a healthy dish.

Consider sharing your passion for paleo treats, gluten free goodies, or nutrient dense sides with your friends, fam, or work crew at the next pot luck gathering! You’ll be spreading the health by offering a nutritious alternative, and ensuring a nutritious option for yourself!

Pressed for time? Consider healthy catering! Green Heart in Kingsville offers nutritious catering options and ready made heathy treats that appeal to a range of dietary needs.

3. Pack your digestive enzymes

If you’ve been to dinner with me, I’ve probably offered you digestive enzymes. Enzymes help us digest and assimilate our food more easily, and this can stave off dreaded holiday digestive upset (ie. the Pepto Bismol jingle). Digestive enzymes do their best work at holiday parties, when rich, hard to digest food abounds! Our local IDA in Kingsville carries fashionable pill holders to completement any holiday outfit. Just slip the little pill holder into your pocket or clutch, and down 1 or 2 before you hit the appetizer table!

4.  Down a glass of coal

Coal isn’t just for naughty boy’s stockings anymore. If you find yourself singing the Pepto Bismol jingle after a rich holiday meal, consider reaching for the charcoal before you reach for the pink stuff. The absorptive qualities of activated coconut charcoal (available at Spartan Nutrition in Leamington and Kingsville), can mop up whatever ails you, including too much alcohol, stomach acid, gas, and irritating foods. Mix a tablespoon in a glass of water and down it when you get home (it looks funny but it’s tasteless). For on the go relief, bring some charcoal caps with you in your chic pill holder.

5. Graze strategically

If you’re lucky enough to come by a Cheese Bar platter or charcuterie, you could find some pretty nutrient dense foods that also satisfy.  Snack on nuts, fresh and dried fruits, and a little helping of antioxidant rich dark chocolate. If you’re in the market for a cheese platter, inquire about vegan, raw, or grass-fed options when you order.

6. Wait for dessert

I have a theory that Santa has a big jolly belly because he ate those cookies you put out too soon after dinner. To avoid the Santa bloat, wait at least an hour after your meal or appetizers before indulging in dessert or even sweet mealtime offerings. Mixing sugary treats with a protein rich meal disturbs the digestion process and can cause excess gas. Not a cute holiday look!

7. Enjoy a treat!

The holidays are stressful enough —fretting about indulging in holiday treats may very well do more harm than just relaxing about it! If you follow the tips above, you’re doing better than most. Give yourself a pat on the back for your good choices, and then live a little. Unless you have an allergy or a serious intolerance, a small holiday indulgence shouldn’t completely derail your wellness efforts. 

Do you have to employ every one of these tips to make it through your holidays with your health in tact? Not necessarily. I encourage you to try one or two per holiday dinner or event, and see how you feel. That positive feedback can be encouraging and you may find some strategies that really work for you personally. If you do find that you’ve gotten off track, or you’re just ready for a tune up after the holidays, inquire about booking a post holiday live blood microscopy or cleansing foot detox.

🍎 🔬 Yours in health, 

Carly Del Ciancio
Thrive Live Blood Microscopy

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