The Science of Live Blood Microscopy

The science of live blood microscopy has been developed by doctors and scientists over the past 150 years. See below for a
list of texts on the topic.

Atlas of Hematological Cytology, Hayoe & Flemens M.D.s

Atlas of Live Blood through Darkfield Microscopy, Dr, Vlatko Petric — ISBN 9780473151843

Bacterial Cyclogeny, Enderlein

Blood Examination in Darkfield according to Prof. Dr.Gunter Enderlein, Semmelweis-Verlag

Cell Wall Deficient Forms — Stealth Pathogens, Lida H. Mattman, CRC Press, Florida, 3rd ed. (810)755-6430

Clinical Hematology & Fundamentals of Hemostasis, Denise Hermening, F.F. Davis Co., Philadelphia, 3rd ed.

Darkfield Warriors, Fredericks РISBN 9780957982604

Hidden Killers – Envy, Gosch, Sheehan

Holographic Blood a new dimension in medicine, Harvey Bigelsen, M.D., 2007

Introduction to Darkfield Diagnostics –¬†Schwerte, Arnoul, ISBN 3-925524-02-9

Peak Energy Performance Hal Huggins (800)-331-2303

Standard Textbook of Clinical Hematology, M.M. Wintrobe, M.D., Ph.D.

The Galileo of the Microscope (The Life and Trials of Gaston Naessens), Christopher Bird, 1999

The Morphology of Human Blood Cells, Abbott Laboratories, Abbott Park, IL 60064

Underappreciated Friend or Unsuspected Foe? Maria Bleker, M.D. 2004

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