How to make fresh almond milk at home

Fresh nut milk is more nutritious than the store bought stuff, with more almond-y goodness and less unnecessary carrageenan & fake vitamin D. Once you’ve had it fresh, its near impossible to go back! In honour of the local availability of nut milk bags (thank you Bulk Barn,) I’d like to FINALLY share with you how to make your very own fresh almond milk at home! 

What you’ll need

🥛 1 cup of sliced almonds, or nut of choice (about 100g)

🥛 About 2L water, divided (UV sterilized or distilled is best)

🥛 Nut milk bag

🥛 Blender

🥛 Strainer & bowl 

🥛 Storage vessel (I prefer Bernardin Jars)

A long soak yields more health benefits, a quick soak is easier!
Rinsing with tap water is OK when it’s UV sterilized. Otherwise, distilled will give your milk the best shelf life.
Fill to the sweet spot for 1L of nut milk!
So much power!
Forgot to get a picture of the squeezing process! Self explanatory?


  1. Soak almonds overnight in room temperature water OR quick soak in boiling water for 1 hour
  2. Transfer almonds to strainer and rinse thoroughly 
  3. Place almonds in blender. Top with water to 1125ml (this amount will get you very close to 1L of milk)
  4. Blend on high for 60 seconds 
  5. Rig up your nut-milk-bag/strainer/bowl (see photo above)
  6. Pour nut mixture into bag. Gently squeeze out all the liquid with clean hands 
  7. Enjoy delicious almond milk in lattes, smoothies, cereals and whatever else your nut loving heart desires ❤️ 🥛


🥛 How long is it good for? I’m finding that my almond milks stays fresh for about 4-5 days. Not bad for a fresh product, considering the boxed stuff recommends that you toss it after 7 days (Check the box, I was shocked too). Between lattes, smoothies and granola, no almond milk goes to waste in this house!  

🥛 What’s the cost difference? I honestly don’t know. It takes 100g of almonds to make 1L of milk. If someone does the math, please contact me!

 Pro tips

🥛 For extra flavour, soak a date with the almonds and add a pinch of sea salt or cinnamon before blending. 

🥛 Leftover pulp can be used to make energy balls, almond flour, and more!

The possibilities!

🥛 Using distilled water for soaking, rinsing  & blending will extend the shelf life of your nut milk by minimizing bacteria. I did this before I had a UV sterilizer on my water filtration unit. 

🥛 Experiment with different nut and seed combinations for a variety of nutrition and taste profiles. I love adding macadamia nuts, hazel nuts, and brazil nuts, or hemp seeds. 

🥛 When it comes to almonds, sliced seems to work best. I had a strange outcome when I used whole almonds. Whole macadamia nuts and brazil nuts seem to work fine 🤔 

🥛 Brain too full to keep track of nut milk production dates? Write the date on the lid!

Did you try it?

Share your nut milk wins & fails! Tag @thriveliveblood on your Instragram and Facebook stories!

🍎 🔬 Yours in health, 

Carly Del Ciancio
Thrive Live Blood Microscopy

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