Social Distancing & Your Eating Habits

Tips to combat the effects of uncertainty & changes in routine during COVID-19

Big changes in our routines + extra stress can be a recipe for disorganized eating, but a little mindfulness and planning can help us thrive despite our present circumstances. Hopefully you’ll find these tips helpful now, and when we’re on the other side of this current situation 😊 

1. Eat together 
Living alone? Eating alone, especially when you’re not used to it can impact digestion, appetite, and food choices. Luckily, living alone during this time does not have to mean eating alone. Book an online meal together with a friend. Even better, have a standing dinner or breakfast date. Humans are social creatures and social eaters. This is why it’s so hard to do a cleanse when you have a full social schedule! Know someone who is living alone? Consider reaching out to book an online dinner date with them.

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If you are lucky enough to have other humans in your social distancing bubble, take this time to enjoy eating meals together. According to The Washington Post, eating together is one of the best things you can do for your kids (its probably pretty good for us too)!

2. Have a yoga meal (thank you Gina Wasserliein)

covid 19 nutrition windsor essex leamington kingsville social distancing
  • Sit down with no distractions (tv off, podcasts off, quiet music is optional)
  • Take a bite and taste your food
  • Put your fork down
  • Chew your food 30x
  • Pick your fork back up once you have swallowed your bite
  • Think about the work and people responsible for getting this food to you, especially during this time. The farmers, the truck drivers, the grocery store clerks, possibly the restaurants offering takeout. Isn’t that awesome that they’re all out there working hard so that we can have delicious, nourishing food? Say a little prayer for them or send them some loving vibes.
  • Repeat until satisfied. How do you feel?

Yoga meals are great for those of us finding ourselves eating alone (its hard to schedule a date online for everymeal), those of us having trouble staying in touch with our hunger cues, or anyone that finds themselves mindlessly snacking their way through the day. A yoga snack can be a thing too!

3. Establish an eating rhythm

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Many of us are out of our routines, and our bodies know it! Establishing specific times to eat can help keep our digestive system and hormones in rhythm, and can help us better respond to true hunger cues. Can be helpful if you’re noticing an increased appetite, mindless snacking, or decreased appetite.

4. Drink water

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Feeling snacky? Maybe you’re just thirsty. Even water intake rhythms can be thrown off by the new versions of our lives these days, and thirst cues are easily confused with hunger cues. Next time you’re feeling peckish, drink some water, still feeling it 10 minutes later? Then, maybe it is time nourish your body. 

5. Set yourself up for successful snacking
While I’m a fan of the 6 meals a day approach for some body types, snacking can easily fill our bodies with nutrient devoid foods if we’re not mindful. A few tips for balanced snacking: 

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  • Wash and prep fruit and vegetables ahead of time for easy grabbing.
  • Prep healthy snacks like chia pudding and energy balls.
  • Prep a healthy dish that can easily be snacked on like quiche or quinoa salad. 
  • Before you snack, ask yourself, is this balanced with protein, slow burning carbs, healthy fats, and a fruit/vegetable component? Ideas include:
    • Apple with nut butter
    • Fresh fruit and nuts
    • Hummus with crudités
    • Whole grain crackers and tuna with cucumber
    • Pepperoni stick and a handful of cherry tomatoes
    • Avocado with quinoa crackers
    • Plain yogurt with hemp seeds and fresh or frozen blueberries
    • Boiled egg with half an orange
    • Protein smoothie with fruit, flax, and greens

If I can leave you with one thing, its to not be hard on yourself if you stray from your typical or healthy eating habits. Focus on getting nutrition in and being good to yourself during this time. These are unprecedented times and food is a coping mechanism. My hope is that you and your family stay mentally and physically well during thee trying times.

Yours in health,

🍎 🔬 Carly Del Ciancio

Thank you for reading!

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