We live in a toxic world. Our bodies are bombarded by impurities in the air, water, pesticides, chemicals in our home and beauty products, food additives, mold, you name it! Not to mention the toxins that bacterial, yeast and parasitic infection create in our bodies. Ion Cleanse is a safe and easy way to rid the body of harmful toxins that can interfere with optimal function, so you can get back to your wellness goals.

The details:

  • Cost $80⁣ +HST 
  • Rental period: 6 days⁣
  • What you get: Everything you need to do your own at home Ion Cleanse, unlimited use -feel free to share the detox benefits with your friends, your family, your next door neighbour*! 
  • 10% off optional supplements to enhance your cleanse.
  • Pick up & drop off at my home in Ruthven. ⁣
  • Deposit & credit card required⁣.

Note: This is a service that I would normally offer in-office for $40-$60 per session. If you only use it on yourself, renting the unit for 6 days gets you 3 sessions for you, plus anyone else who takes part under your care*. Not a bad deal when you do the math!

Read more about the benefits and process of Ion Cleanse  and reply to this email for booking inquiries or if you’d like more information. 

*Subject to current Covid restrictions. See rental agreement for terms and conditions.