Can’t make it in person? No problem!

Whether you’re part of the vulnerable population, live far away, or can’t get in for some other reason, you can still benefit from Thrive’s virtual consultation service! While live blood is not possible to do virtually, the Nutribody Assessment is an extensive copyrighted, comprehensive analysis of health history, lifestyle, and symptoms, which can offer insights similar to live blood, and is sometimes even more accurate and specific than live blood.  

How it works: 
1. I send you a few forms.
2. You print and fill out the forms, scan them, and email them to me. 
4. I review your information and create a draft of a diet, lifestyle, and nutritional plan 
5. We schedule a phone call or Zoom video chat to discuss your recommendations, and work together to create a personalized plan of action. 

For the time being, I’m offering this service at $95, which includes a typed report, explanation and recommendations + a 40 minute zoom call.

Please contact me for any further clarification or to get started on your Nutribody Analysis Virtual Consultation. 

Yours in health 🍎 🔬,

Carly Del Ciancio