Social Distancing doesn’t have to mean going without.

It’s never been more important to keep up on your wellness regimen, and Thrive is here for you. Porch pick up or drop off is available for the product that I have remaining in stock, as well as other options. 

Check here for links to shop and a list of in stock wellness products.

With the exception of Biomed, once I run out of stock, I will not be restocking until further notice. As I am currently pregnant and thus part of the “vulnerable population”, I will not be ordering any product to my home office for the time being in order to maximize social distancing. 

Biomed products (those blue bottles that you may have seen or purchased at a live blood appointment) are available to be shipped directly to you from the company for $5 with no minimum. Since these products are only available to professionals, I must process the order for you. Biomed produces a vast array of supplements, which you can browse on their website. If you need something but you haven’t seen it on my shelves, chances are they make it. Have a look or just ask me 😊 

Now is the time to take care of our bodies. When you find yourself in need of any products, I am here for you. I can process payment via credit card or e-transfer, and arrange to leave it on my back porch for you to pick up, or bring it to you!

COVID-19 Update: Virtual Consultations Available

Have you been thinking about getting your live blood done for a while, but didn’t get in for an appointment? Has it been a while since your last live blood appointment, leaving you wondering where you are on the journey to wellness?

While live blood is not possible to do virtually, the Nutribody Assessment is an extensive copyrighted, comprehensive analysis of health history, lifestyle, and symptoms, which can offer insights similar to live blood, and is sometimes even more accurate and specific than live blood.  

How it works: 
1. I send you some forms & a link
2. You print and fill out the forms, scan them, and email them to me. 
3. You follow the link and complete the Nutribody questionnaire. 
4. I review your results and create a draft of a diet, lifestyle, and nutritional plan 
5. We schedule a phone call or Zoom video chat to discuss your results, and work together to create a personalized plan of action. 

For the time being, I’m offering this service at $80. E-transfer and credit card payment are acceptable methods of payment at this time.

Please contact me for any further clarification or to get started on your Nutribody Analysis Virtual Consultation. 

Thrive is here for you! We are in this together!

Yours in health 🍎 🔬,

Carly Del Ciancio